Complains, Dispute, and Appeal on TAWTHIQ Decision

Complains, Dispute, and Appeal on TAWTHIQ Decision

Complain register is a document must be found in all farms

and firms registered at TAWTHIQ. Client has to inform

TAWTHIQ about any complain from his clients .If the

complain related to quality of product (presence of

chemicals not listed in annexes I &II labeling or sealing of

package the operator of the farm or firm shall inform

TAWTHIQ immediately

If there some documents support the complain or against

complain in these cases the operator will attach these

documents with a copy of client complain.

If the complain for size or color of the product in this case

TAWTHIQ has NO action against this types of complain

In case of complains related to quality, TAWTHIQ shall

carry out spot inspection, take samples for analysis and

study case by case. According to results of analysis and

inspection, certification committee makes the suitable

decision (Termination of contract, sanction, remove term

“Organic “from certain product or lot…etc)

All TAWTHIQ clients have right to complain against

TAWTHIQ (e.g. inspector behavior, or finance system and

fees..etc.). TAWTHIQ offers a special form for complain

After receiving complain, General Director Study and take

action within 14 days. If the complain was accepted Director

General shall apologize and correct the situation. In case or

rejection the client can appeal against Director General

decision within 15 days , in this case the complaint will sent

to arbitration committee for final decision ,the case shall

never exceed 21 days

TAWTHIQ clients can complain against sanctions or decision or

analysis results within 15 days from action and client has to pay

fees for re considering. Chief certifiers will review complain re send

sample for analysis if needed. If the client was right fees paid will

refunded and new decision will be issued. If the client has no right

in his complain, no refund for fees and in this case he can appeal