Our Services

We present to our clients a various of services which can distribute to increase opportunities for

marketing their products inside and outside Saudi Arabia through our approved certificates

Inspection and certification for farm, firms which hope to have organic certificate

Issuing organic certificate for apiaries to market his honey as organic.Issuing organic certificates for animal feeds, seeds and propagation materials ( Farms & Nursery)

Issuing organic certificates for farm's animal and sub products from animal husbandry derived products

e.g. eggs, meat and milk

Issuing organic certificates for organic agricultural inputs e.g. Fertilizer , Soil Conditioner and Plant

Protection products which is matching with organic standards (Annex 01 and Annex 02)

Registration, Inspection and Certification according to GLOBALGAP standards, Sub Scope "Fruits and


Every 6 months TAWTHIQ deliver inspection reports for new registered clients and inspection reports

with certificates for other clients to Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Organic Agriculture "DOA"

DOA offers Saudi Organic National Logo to certified operators after fulfillment all requirements

according to their procedures, this logo on organic products give trust and grantee to consumer this

product is organic and could buy it with peace of mind