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About Tawthiq

The first agriculture for registration, inspection and certification (TAWTHIQ) Established in 2010 for the contribute to the spread of organic farming In Kingdom and the Arab Countries.

(TAWTHIQ) is the first Saudi and Gulf companies working in the field of inspection and certification for many of the regulation and standards for organic agriculture including the standards and specifications of organic farming of Saudi Arabia (OSKSA).

Rules of (TAWTHIQ) Co, conformity with the European Union ( EU) organic farming registration (EC 834/2007 ,EC 889/2008), also good agricultural practices (GLOBALGAP).

(TAWTHIQ) is the first Saudi and Gulf companies has international ISO certificate (ISO 17065:2012).

It has accreditation (authorization) from Department Organic of Agriculture (DOA) - Saudi Ministry of Agriculture Code number (C1920KI05), authorizing "Registration and Inspection and issuance Certificates according to the standards and specifications Saudi Arabia for organic farming, and companies.

(TAWTHIQ) seeks to get the trust of its clients by providing our services, and providing the granting of many organic agriculture certification In accordance with local and international laws , also good agricultural practices (GLOBALGAP) Which gives a client a marketing advantage to open many markets at home and abroad.

Who We Are?

TAWTHIQ carry out issuing certificates for clients who hope to convert his unite(s) e.g. Farm, Firms, Apiary …etc. according to organic agriculture standards

TAWTHIQ is accredited certification body for ISO/IEC 17065/2012 , this certificate gives us right to grant approved certificates for organic products to our registered clients

TAWTHIQ co., is seeking for to be approved certification body in co-operation with Food Plus (Germany) to issue approved certificate according to GLOBALGAP standards, Sub Scope Fruit and vegetables

TAWTHQ has membership in IFOAM organization, IFOAM is international organization which responsible of organic agriculture movements in over world

TAWTHIQ has membership in Saudi Organic Farming association (SOFA), this association is responsible for spraying of awareness of organic agriculture and guide farmers to be in match with organic standards.

TAWTHIQ has well qualified and accredited staff from international accreditation bodies in field of inspection and certification for deferent standards and regulations related to organic agriculture and GLOBALGAP, ISO 22000 and other Quality assurance certificates

TAWTHIQ has quality policies, standards procedures and man power could push
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Our construction managment professionals organize, lead and manage the people, materials and processes of construction utilizing the latest technologies within the industry.Our construction management Our construction management.