TAWTHIQ is accredited company, obtained ISO 17065:2012 from Italian accreditation body as First and National certification body in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries Accreditation certificate gives us right to issue approved.

certificate for organic products according to Saudi Organic Standards (OSKSA) and TAWTHIQ Production Standards and Control Measures in Latest Version to our clients (Our Equivalent File is under proceed in EU Commission Now). See Accreditation

TAWTHIQ has license from to Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Organic Agriculture (DOA) for registration and inspection and certification according to Saudi Organic Law and By-Law (OSKSA). See License

TAWTHIQ and Food Plus authority will sign by literal agreement to give us right to carry out inspection and issuing certificate according to GLOBALGAP Standards. GOLBALGAP Website

TAWTHIQ has membership in IFOAM organization, IFOAM is international organization responsible of organic agricultural movements. See Membership certificate

TAWTHIQ has membership in Saudi Organic Farming Association (SOFA).

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