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Customer complaints procedures

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Customer complaints procedures

  • Each Tawtheeq customer must inform Tawtheeq immediately upon receiving a complaint from a third party
    “Importer/buyer of organic products”, if the subject of the complaint is related to the presence of pesticides or
    Not permitted substances according to Annex No. 1.2 in the rules of European and Saudi organic farming
    or mismatch of the sealing system.
  • A copy of the complaint and related documents must be attached.
  • Regarding product quality complaints about the company or farm, Tawtheeq is not related to this type of product
    From complaints
  • Tawtheeq is investigating online paper writers at
    Complaints submitted to it, collect information, carry out the necessary inspection and take samples if necessary.
    Based on the results of the inspection, Tawtheeq Company responds to the third party “the complainant” and takes action
    Necessary such as (termination of the site – imposing penalties on the farm or company – assigning the customer to recover
    Product – Raise the word “organic”)
  • The customer, whether it is a farm or a company, has the right to file a formal complaint against a Tawtheeq company through a form
    Dedicated to this and an example:
  • Complaint against the conduct and performance of the inspector
  • Complaint against the financial system and the prescribed fees
  • After a customer complaint is received by a documentation company, the general manager will follow up, verify it and respond
    It must be received within 14 days of receiving it. If the complaint is accepted, the customer will receive my paper writerapology
    about it from the General Manager. In the event that the complaint is rejected, the customer has the right to object to this decision within 15
    A day from the date of receiving the decision and the matter shall be submitted to the Dispute Resolution Committee. Calls the general manager of a company
    Documenting a meeting of the Advisory Committee and Dispute Resolution within 21 days at most to resolve disputes.

The clients of Tawtheeq have the right to object to the decisions taken by the center and the penalties related to the results of
Analysis and registration: Appeal against it within a maximum period of 15 days from receiving the decision. This is done by
An objection against a Tawtheeq company. This is done through a grievance form with payment of the prescribed fees. shall head
The committee to grant certificates with documentation to consider the grievance and review the documents and papers related to the grievance.
The client is notified of the outcome of the grievance within 6 weeks from the date of the grievance. The customer refunds the fee
paid in case of acceptance of the grievance, and he can submit another complaint in case of rejection.

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