Registration Steps

Procedures of Farm and Firm registration, inspection & certification

First Steps: for registration, inspection and certification for a FARM to be organic Operator or owner fill a special form (request for registration)
(provided by TAWTHIQ) asking to register his farm as organic farm and pay fees of initial visit.

Submit with application form a map and farm questionnaire
Within two weeks from applying these forms TAWTHIQ will inform him about date of first visit TAWTHIQ inspector will carry out initial inspection according
to approved TAWTHIQ inspection form. During first visit the inspector will confirm data mentioned in farm questionnaire submitted by the operator earlier
During initial inspection the inspector will interview the operator and inform him with organic production rules and be sure about farm documents and give him a copy of this book also soil or water samples can be taken if necessary Inspection report will be reviewed by chief inspector, then submit to certification committee to accept or reject registration according to organic production rules The operator will be informed about certification committee
within 14 days of the inspection. In case of acceptance the operator will be informed about code number of his farm in TAWTHIQ farm list , length of conventional period result of analysis in case of taking sample during the visit In case of rejection the operator will be informed with reasons of rejection and explain appealing system within 15 days The operator will be asked to come to TAWTHIQ office to sing contract and receive short copy of organic rules and pay annual fees also will receive copies of forms used in farm document (farm diary, store book, ….etc.)

Now the unit is consider registered farms and start to apply allorganic rules under supervision
The registered farm or firm will be visited at least once a year for inspection and taking sample and determine yield and examine all point as listed in inspection form
According to inspection report and recommendation of chief inspector farm and firms fulfill all requirement will have organic certificate considering conversion period
The organic certificate allow farm to sell its product as organic either in or out KSA
Approved Farm and Firm lists will send every year to the High authority (MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE) in KSA to be approved and have the national Logo of (ORGANIC).
In case of operator commit a mistake (adding fertilizers or plant protection materials not listed in annex I and II a suitable sanction will charge ccording to sanction list of TAWTHIQ

Second  Registration:  inspection and certification for FIRMS / Factories and Agricultural Inputs deal with organic products
Operator or owner fill application form and pay fees of first visit Combine with application form he shall submit firm questionnaire, this include all data about the company (Firm chart, rooms, processing steps, list of products, list of recipes , list of suppliers, list of packing materials …etc.)
Within 14 days TAWTHIQ will inform him about date of initial visit During initial visit, TAWTHIQ inspector will fill FIRM INSPECTION REPORT.

He also will match between submitted data and obtained data through the inspection. Inspector will inspect stores processing process
Sources of raw materials, organic certificates for organic raw materials..etc. separation system if there organic and other grades Inspector will interview the operator and explain documentation system The certification committee will review the inspection report and recommendation of chief inspectors and make decision about acceptance or rejection. The operator will be informed about decision within 14 days from inspection In case of acceptance the operator will be informed about his farm code number in approved firm list, he will be asked to come to TAWTHIQ office to sing contract and receive necessary documents and pay annual fees After signing the contract the first certificate can be issued include end products and recipes produced by firm Contract will include labs for analysis and way of sub contracting third party. Sanction list will be used in case any fragment for law